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Login Issues

I signed up for WisePause Lifestyle Virtual Global Experience, but I can’t get in…help?

Find your confirmation or reminder email(s), and scroll down until you see the WisePause Copy Digital Pass and a button that says Access Online Event. Click this button and it takes you to the event. Or, find the access code and copy (listed in the same area) and click the Enter the Webcast above and enter your access code numbers and you can enter the broadcast.  If you still have problems, email Ginger Campbell.

Date & Timings

When is the conference?

ENCORE event on International Menopause Day! Monday, October 18 8:30am to 5:30pm PST (USA)

Are you on social media platforms?

Yes, visit us at on Facebook at WisePause and on Instagram at @WisePause and @WisePauseTour.


How do I get on your email list?

Please send a message to Ginger Campbell, conference producer,  to be put on the mailing list. Click for email.


Will your event be livestreamed?



How can I connect with one of the speakers after the conference?

All speakers’ websites have been provided under the speaker section.

Login Issues

I want to log on from two different devices as I’ll be home on my desktop in the morning then on my cell, can I log on from different devices?

Yes, however the system locks the login to one device every hour. So after an hour of accessing the event the code resets and you can then change to a different device.


I want to be a speaker at WisePause Lifestyle Summit. What do I need to do?

Contact Ginger Campbell via email. You should send her a bio, your website information as well as the topic for which you have expertise.

Registration & Costs

Is there a cost to enter?

Access is FREE for the first day only. For 7-day access, you must complete Survey. For access until March 18, 2022, the cost is $30.


I’d like to be an exhibitor at WisePause? What do I need to do?

Contact Ginger Campbell via email to outline your product or service offering as well website.  She will reach out to you.